Since 2011, Junction Craft Brewing has been on a roll. When you ride the rails with us, the landscape is always changing. We’re all about variety and choice in a wide range of quality, handcrafted beers. We’re brewing new brews at a steady pace, and the journey is now even more interesting. So, all aboard for fresh beer, craft brewed in The Junction!

New Adventures and fresh tastes

As any rail rider knows, it’s about the journey – seeing what’s around the next bend. We offer variety so you can expand your tastes. We mix it up so that you’re having new beer experiences. In the first year of our Cawthra Avenue operation alone, we made 230 brews with over 90 unique recipes. Since then, we’ve made as many as 599 small batches in a year. Try something you’ve never tasted.




From the hub to your pub

We’re rooted in the colourful history of Toronto’s west-end Junction neighbourhood, once one of the busiest rail hubs in the country. Today, Junction Craft proudly honours its industrial past while producing new and different brews that are enjoyed by locals, visitors and beer drinkers across Ontario. We’re proud of where we’re from, and we’re excited to bring our beers to your local pub, LCBO, grocery stores and The Beer Store.


Visit us

Our beautiful new brewery in The Destructor on Symes Road is becoming a top destination for locals and visitors alike. Pop in to refill a growler or grab some cans and some bottles, or take a tour, have a bite to eat and stay for a while. With so much variety, no two visits will ever be alike.